Panchtattva:- Air Element

Panchtattva:- Air Element


Panchtattva:- Air Element

Air is one of the five elements of our universe. Our senses of touch and sound is related to air.  According to vastu air element has a suitable direction, which is East direction. Many type of gases are comprises on earth which are needed for human life, such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. humans have five senses and three of them are related to air element. We get oxygen from trees so they are called vegetation. Hence it is the reason to bring freshness, joy and happiness in our life. Air element determines our presence in social life. We are inspired by the energy of air and others to grow. If air element is balanced state, it gives us courage to take new tasks, help to take right risks to achieve our goal and our public behavior also becomes very effective. When the air element is unbalanced , the personality of one’s becomes arrogant, excessive anger, angry thoughts towards neighbors and society.


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