Panchtattva:-Earth Element

Panchtattva:-Earth Element


Panchtattva:-Earth Element

Mother Earth gives you all that is needed to live a successful and prosperous life lavishly.  Earth element gives stability, balance, strength, stagnation, patience and developed personality.  Fertilizer capacity is also the power of the earth element itself.  The process of excretion of excreta from the body is initiated by the element of fire, but it is only the element of earth that executes it.  Along with the body, the earth element is helpful in forgetting the problems that happened in the past with the mind and thoughts.  In the building, the earth element resides in the center and angles.

In a balanced state, the earth element provides stability in life, whether it is your career, behavior, relationship or the results of your efforts.

Due to the imbalance of the earth element, stability starts shaking in every dimension of life.  The feeling of laziness, indifference and powerlessness is due to the weakening of the earth element in the building or house.

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