Prayer Room/Pooja Ghar Effects in East North East Zone

Prayer Room/Pooja Ghar Effects in East North East Zone


Especially when it comes to construction or purchasing a new house, the most commonly used term in the present times is Vastu. You must lay stress on enhancing the positive energy inside your house to have a prosperous and happy household. If you live in structures that allow positive cosmic forces prosperity and well being vastu increases wealth.

A zone of tranquility, the meditation or prayer area usually known as “Pooja Ghar or Prayer Room” is one of the most sacred and important corner in any house. The best suited area for placing the Puja Ghar is the Eeshan (Ishan) Corner of a house or the North East Zone according to Vastu.

  1. Placed Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Indra, Surya and Kartikey in the east and facing towards west.
  2. In the direction of north and facing South Bhairav, Ganesh, Shodas Matrika, Durga, Kuber.
  3. This zone is ideal zone, members get blessed, get mental clarity.
  4. In this zone, after prayer members will get recharged quickly.


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