Prayer Room/Pooja Ghar Effects in North West Zone

Prayer Room/Pooja Ghar Effects in North West Zone


An intrinsic part of every Hindu household is Prayer Room or Puja Room. Done on auspicious occasions such as festivals, birthdays, anniversaries and the like is special worship. We generally keep idols of Mahatmas and Gods in Puja Room or Prayer Room. We keep the pictures of many idols even though we believe in one Lord or God.

Especially when it comes to constructing or purchasing a new home the most commonly used term is Vastu in the present times. Inside your home, you must lay stress on enhancing the positive energy to have a prosperous and happy household. If you live in structures, allow positive cosmic forces then Vastu increases prosperity, wealth and well being. While praying, keep the divinity in such a way that you face east in case you do make the space of Puja in the Kitchen.

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