Prayer Room/Pooja Ghar Effects in South East Zone

Prayer Room/Pooja Ghar Effects in South East Zone


Your Puja Ghar or Prayer Room must not only be a spiritual place, but it should also exude energy of positive that will help you meditate and relax. As per Vastu, when you constructed the Prayer Room or Puja Ghar that is properly design, its happiness, health and wealth of inhabitant which can provide the home. Familiar with concept of Vastu an answer may be because only a few individuals. We have observed a list of the most notable Puja Ghar or Prayer Room guideline of Vastu for your home to make things easier for you.

Avoid placing it straight on the ground when erecting the Puja Ghar or Prayer Room. Whether they’re standing or sitting make sure you don’t have several idols of the same divinity in the temple. As this is regarded as unlucky pictures or images put in the temple should not be torn or broken.

During festivities, the whole family usually prays together. Make sure there is adequate room for the whole family to pray and assemble as per result. In the temple area, the aura should be balanced and healthy.

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