Prayer Room/Pooja Ghar Effects in South Zone

Prayer Room/Pooja Ghar Effects in South Zone

What is the Puja Ghar or Prayer Room?

A spiritual place that you can find in any Hindu home is the Prayer Room or the Puja Ghar. A special area/ corner of the house that is simply dedicated to worship and prayer is necessary for the well-being of the family but according to tradition of Hindus of course it is also found in the houses of people practicing other faiths. Your idols should be placed facing the northeast corner to enhance positive energy in your zone according to Vastu

Every Indian has a designated place in their home where they can offer their prayers in solitude and peace therefore irrespective of poor or rich. The God in the Puja Ghar or Prayer Room should always be placed facing the direction of North-East according to ancient tradition of Hindu (Vastu). It generates vibration of positive that guide you to the correct way in life as you chant mantras. At heart, you feel extricate from the materialistic world and feel peaceful when you enter this sanctum.

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