Toilet Effects According to Zones

Toilet Effects According to Zones


North: Cause career related issues, limited opportunity to make money and grow. 
NNE: Lead to poor immunity, person fall sick take longer time to recover.
NE: Cause major health problems like memory loss, paralysis and neurological problem.
ENE: Makes people feel lazy with sense of heaviness; most of the members suffer from constipation.
East: Causes smaller social circle, society do not notice person, eventually unsocial.
ESE: Reduce anxiety and over analytical thoughts.
SE: Hamper inflow of money and restrict rise in life, hurdle in marriages.
SSE: Cause low confidence, low mood and strength at work.
South:  Makes person desperate for name and fame, it also effect good will and brand-value
SSW: Best zone for toilet as it's a zone of disposal,
SW: Cause disturbed family relationships and instability in life.
WSW: Unable to save money, kids won't be able to secure good marks.
West: Disturb profits, limited results even after making sincere efforts.
WNW: Another good location will help in removing blocked emotions from mind.
NW: Reduces bank balance and make it different for person to receive support.
NNW: Lead to extra marital affairs and couple lose their attraction towards each other.



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