We should focus on each part of the house or office to make a happy house or office. A Vastu compliant house is possible when you design your house or office in a way where the Vastu guidelines have been followed religiously from basement to terrace. It is not advisable to have a basement under the house but as its need of hour then we can use a few tips about Vastu although as per vastu-vigyan.

The energy behaves in a negative way whereas a Vastu complaint house or office molds this energy into a positive one if your house has any Vastu defect. The energy can be negative or positive around us. We can keep this energy in its positive form so by removing these Vastu defects.

Vastu-vigyan explains the energy flow in an easy way as a reliable Vastu consultant. The energy we are encircled with is known as Celestial Energy which energy flows in a definite direction. Any obstruction in the flow can cause many life-related problems in health, wealth, career, business, job, marriage, relationship etc. We need to ensure that energy should only flow in an uninterrupted way o avoid these situations. This happens when we follow our favorable direction. Each individual has its four favorable and four unfavorable directions based on their birth date as per Vastu Expert.

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