What is The Effects of Dining table in North East Zone ??

What is The Effects of Dining table in North East Zone ??

The Effect of dining table / Hall in North East Zone.

For the dining table sitting one should sit facing east , north or west side, but head of the family must take east side. Other family members can sit east or north side. If sun rays enter directly from east direction in the house it considers very well and brighten up the day of whole family members.

 In this zone people take more liquid. The quantity of liquid they consume may increase as their regular intake. It is also beneficial for someone if they consume more liquid in any form. Water is also a liquid form which, we get many good benefits. It carrying nutrients and oxygen to our cells and it normalize blood pressure of our body. Water has many more benefits as we know very well and can’t explain in few words.

Another effect of the dining table in the North East zone, the person thinks more about religious prescriptions. They may deeply deliberation on religious topics with other peoples.

Which type of dining table we can use?

The shape of dining table should be in a square or rectangular shape because shape supports the energy flow. These shapes mean for stability and balance.. According to Vastu these shapes represents stability or mental health. When it comes to direction, people of the house becomes more careful about their family.

Some tips for placing dining table.

  1. It is good if you place your dining table very near to the kitchen.
  2. While you having your lunch or dinner you can play music but keep the music in slow sound.
  3. You should keep the TV away from the dining room.
  4. Dining hall or table should not be next to toilet.
  5. Dining table is a focal area of the house, so it will better if it should be little decorative and attractive.
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