( Mr. Ravi Verma Vastu Expert )

About Vastu Vigyan

From being a market expert in
telecommunication and networking to becoming a vastu expert life has been
amazing and full of tangy tastes for our Expert Mr. Ravi Verma. the journey begun in year 2003 with the commitment of finding answers of his own questions,
why is there a sudden fall in business, why is there a sudden ailment in life ,
why is there a continuous churning in family despite of having so much love and
respect for each other.
After concluding answers of his doubts Mr. Ravi continued his path of
public healing and started his new venture namely Vastu-Vigyan which itself is
a decoded word having a simple yet a vast meaning at the same time. At Vastu
Vigyan we are keen to work on your problems with most effective and trusted
remedial procedures to align your energy with the energy of your surrounding like
home and workplace so as to eradicate the daily rising hustle in your life and
promising a healthy growth.