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Aura Booster

Aura Booster

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  • Brass Vastu Aura Booster Neutralize IR/UV/GS/CE For Enhance Positivity Energy Pack Of 1 pcs(Golden, Premium quality, Brass)
  • SIZE : 5.5 x 2 x 1.7 Cm; WEIGHT: 69 Grams (1pcs)
  • Aura Booster Enhance positivity & Aura of a person.It heals Vaastu-Dosh & gives positivity to the Whole House.
  • Keeping it in pocket will keep all 7 chakra’s balanced.or place it in one’s home, office, shop or factory.
  • Aura Booster also provides protection against harmful rays emitted by mobile phone, screens and other gadgets.

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