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Vastu two white horse resin running statue home decor

Facing  Center of Building
 Key Area   Financial Support From Banking Sector
Placement                         Floor
Zonal Placement   North-West (NW)


By putting a White Horse Pair on the ground in your building's North-West Zone, you can make sure banks and other financial entities sanction your credits and satisfy your other financial demands. This solution removes any financial or money-related barriers. White Horses Pair allows easier access to cash and ensures a smooth flow of income in a partnership. If you're in a profession and want to raise your salary, the White Horses Pair is just the solution you need. The North West Zone's power is accountable for promoting banks and financial institutions to provide you with monetary assistance, creating a scenario where the vision of an enhanced pay-package can come true. 
Vastu two white horse resin running statue home decor )

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