Prayer Room/Pooja Room Effects in North North East Zone

Prayer Room/Pooja Room Effects in North North East Zone


What Is Prayer Room/Pooja Ghar: Crucial in defining its auspicious aura is the location of your Pooja room. At home, a spiritual place where we worship Lord is the temple. Naturally it must be a peaceful and positive place.

We strongly suggest avoiding the basement or higher floors of the home if you’re designing a new house. As per Vastu, when placed the temple area can bring happiness, health and prosperity to the home or house and its occupants. This is not always possible in metropolitan cities where there is space crunch although a separate pooja room would be ideal. As per your requirement, you can consider small corner mandir or wall-mounted mandir for such homes.

Do not place it directly on the floor when it comes to constructing the temple. The temple should be made of wood or marble, avoid glass or acrylic temples. Either in a standing or seating position in the temple ensure that you do not have multiple idols or statue of the same Goddess or God. As it considered is inauspicious, suggests Parmar should not be damaged or cracked, the idol or statue placed in the temple.

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