Prayer Room/Pooja Ghar Effects in North East Zone

Prayer Room/Pooja Ghar Effects in North East Zone


One of the most sacred and auspicious rooms of your home or house is Prayer room or Pooja room. But this “most sacred and auspicious” room needs be as per guidelines and rules of Vastu.

The “Pooja Room” or “Prayer Room” automatically begins to attract harmony and positivity once you have made it in your home.

Due to influence of negative energies that may be present in your house if the prayer room is left unprotected then this “attracted” harmony and positivity begins to weaken.


  1. North-East is the best location for the mandir in the home or house: The corners of East and the North will do too if that doesn’t work for you. If nothing else works West is permissible too.
  2. While offering Prayers, try to ensure en-sure that you face the east or north.
  3. Against the wall of a bathroom or under staircase don’t position the pooja ghar or prayer room.
  4. If you live in an east or north facing flat then align the Pooja ghar or Prayer room along the east or north, north-east.
  5. As per Vastu, upper floors and basements are not recommended. Make sure design your Pooja ghar or Prayer room on the ground floor for best results.
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