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Vastu Vinyl Tape White-Blue

Vastu Vinyl Tape White-Blue

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Vastu-Vigyan Vinyl White-Blue Color Tape (Vastu Remedies)

Tape Length – 3 meter approx.
Width – 4 inch approx.
Colour – White-Blue
Material – 100% Waterproof Vinyl

Introduction: Just like medical science, starts with accurate diagnosis of the problem. Elemental tape technique is one of the 16 techniques used to remove vastu faults in a building. This technique involves use of color tape to correct the elemental imbalance in a zone.
Treatment: To decide which colour needs to be added or removed, we have to first find out the cause of imbalance in the troubled zone. Only with this systematic process we can establish the balanced state and reap the benefits associated with that zone.Vastu consultants can use this colored plastic tapes for Vastu Dosh Correction of toilets,entrances or balancing the five elements at house.
Material: This Vastu Remedial Color Tape is wholly made of Vinyl and represents Five elements.
Uses: The purpose of this elemental tape technique is to block any unfavorable activity or anti-activity (normally toilets) by pasting the tapes on the floor around the toilet seat.This technique can also be used to nullify the ill-effects of the improper entrances.
Application: In order to balance the affected zone,colour tapes(4inch wide*) are Pasted on dry and clean floor and also along skirting of floor. Smooth and easy to unwind but do not stretch.
Features: Easily cut to shape or size required. Hassle free and leaves no sticky residue. Enhances positive vibration and ideal for vastu home improvement.

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