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Vastu Yellow Vase

Vastu Yellow Vase

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Vastu Ceramic Vase Pot for Office & Home Décor (YELLOW)

Material : Ceramic

Color : Yellow

Product Length : 2.5 Inch

Product Height : 8 Inch

Product Breadth : 3 Inch

Weight                : 230

Direction-south to south-west  (SSW)

Control expenditure with yellow vase

• A yellow vase, when placed on the floor or on a table in the south to south west zone of your building provides stability. this remedy decreases unnecessary wasteful expenditures and encourages savings. this effectively means that the wastage is stopped and savings increased.

• The yellow vase also puts an end to the dissipation and wearing-away of vitality, health and relationships by providing them. with strength and power. if you feel skills are being wasted or not being put to proper use, then by just placing the yellow vase in the south to south-west zone you can make sure that your abilities and talents are used beneficially. it also comes in handy when there is no alternative to shifting a bedroom made in the SSW zone.

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